How do I get my work back please help

hi I was building for someone and my whole work froze, I left the web and joined back in. Hoping to see “would you like to open your last work” but I didn’t please help me im crying.

Did you save your file at any point while you were working? If you log into SketchUp for Schools with Google, then your files will save there. If you log in with Microsoft, then your saved files will be in OneDrive. If you did save your model, you can search for it when opening a file in SketchUp for Schools, or in those services directly.

However, if you never saved your file, I’m sorry to say you might not be able to recover it. Ordinarily, refreshing the app will reload a recovered model from your web browser’s cache, but it’s possible that something may have gone wrong with the caching.

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I saved but it was really laggy because the file was big and when I rejoined it didn’t say anything

If you didn’t wait for the save to complete it might not have saved. In the future make sure you are making lean clean models. Purge unused stuff before saving, too. And if the file is still huge, be patient. It wouldn’t hurt to also download a copy of the file to your computer so you have a backup.

isn’t there another way to get it because it was for a big company and it needs to be turned in in 2 hours and it took 2 days to do it.

Who it’s for has no bearing on what happens if you don’t save the file successfully. Since you were doing this for a company you shouldn’t have been using SketchUp for Schools. You should have been using SketchUp Pro or at least Shop.

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