How do I extrude this face straight?

I’d select the face and use Move instead of Push/Pull.

You could use Vector Push/Pull from Fredo6’s Joint Push/Pull but the native Move is as fast.

Can you cantilever it like this and do it. The plot is not a perfect square tho.

Draw an edge across the face and then just move the top part.

Still having trouble with this…

i want to cantilever it like this

not this

Are you still trying to use Push/Pull or are you using Move like I suggested a week ago?

the first image shows with move tool

There’s no way to tell that from your screen shot. Hold Alt to activate Auto Fold while moving that face in the desired direction.

Nothing happens when i hold alt

It looks like something is happening to me. It just looks like you aren’t complete it.

You haven’t explained what you want very well. Do you want the face below the one you have been moving to remain vertical? If so, Pull the face out with Push/Pull and then move it laterally while holding Alt.

i want it to be like that one on the right. but because the plot is not a perfect square or rectangle. i cant extrude it that way.

and (if i want to work with the one on the right) i dont know how to make it to the shape i want after extruding it

You seem to be butting heads with basic geometry. You’ll need to divide up some of the faces because as they are the edges can’t remain planar.

Ah. Then I should just use a new face to do that and place it there?

Or do something to create the additional faces. SketchUp won’t create faces if the bounding edges don’t lie in the same plane. If you building these models out of paper you could twist the paper a bit to make it work. SketchUp won’t do that.

Alright. I’ll try again and continue with this. Thank you

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I accidentally figured out i can just do this… after drawing the face up to where i want to cantilever