How do I draw this polygon?

The binding legal description of you property called a plat plan, for my case at least, shows the shows the bearings, angles etc. You should be aware and your surveyor too should be aware SU uses WGS 84 and you can very well have a datum shift from that .
I just used the rectangle tool to try a layout with your OP dimensions ( orginal post) showed and did get different dims. for the 3.7 & 3.25 .
The numbers shown are display accuracy so you should increase ~ 2 places so you are not confused by that.
IMHO you should use what is the legal desc. of you property and the surveyor may have to get a good staring point, my property has a section monument in the middle of the street in front of the house.
You should not use this forum if you are dealing with things legal in nature.
See this link for some info

Plat plans do not they are flat, we used plum bobs and chains ( aka tapes)> that was BFGPS , before GPS

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