How do I download the Warehouse?

Like the entire thing, as in everything, as in all models and extensions, all in one large zip file?

How do I download the internet?

I do not think one could keep up with the new uploads

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You’re not the first person to ask that.

Anyway, I am being serious. I have a 4TB SSD and 3 12TB HDD’s. Space is no issue and I would rather download everything and search for what I want from my library than have to search online and download piece by piece.

Honestly, who would want all that junk?


Two guys named Brin and Page did that a few years ago at Stanford. Check it out.

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I have googled them, but could not find anything :frowning: :joy:

Data hoarders

One reason I keep my 3D Warehouse content private.

I know the type. I have, I think, about 4000 books.

Not really the same thing. Let me know when you have your own datacenter in your basement.

Why would I want to let you keep my SketchUp models in your basement?

well, it is not having by itself, but knowing what you have.
Unless you have a filter system, search engine, etc. You could wind up opening files endlessly…

And to create the data to filter from, you would have to open every file to identify and catalogue what is inside.

Ignoring what I think of the idea itself, the very second you finish downloading it it is out of date. People are constantly adding and editing models and extensions are regularly updated. I’d love to have the actual dictionary that Shakespeare had on his bookshelf, but forsooth! bethink I not t wouldst helpth much h’re.

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But what is that you want? What are you searching for? That is the question!

Kuusi kerrottuna seitsemällä Ehkä?

Back in my youth you could download installers from SketchUp that put the official Sketchup components in your local component folder. This was very handy when internet wasn’t widely available. The rest of the 3d warehouse is pretty much ■■■■.

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I think I have irrevocably damaged many brain cells (and possibly lost a few I probably really need) just wondering how long it would take to … download the Whole. D*mn. Warehouse ?! :dizzy_face: