How do I create a resultant curve to span between two extruded curves?

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I am currently trying to complete this table leg where I have a profile that is convex on one axis, and concave on the other. I do not know how to get the faces to intersect properly with the resultant curve. Could someone please guide me on how to do so?

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Hi, you should have a look at an extension named Curviloft, by Fredo6 (you’ll need the Lib that goes with it)

basically, curviloft will allow you to select the contour of your hole, and it’ll make a face using parameters you’ll provide.

it’s a bit of a touch and go, sometimes you need to cancel, change a thing or two, and retry, but the result are there.

Thank you, I will look into this immediately.

Is it meant to have a sharp corner? It wouldn’t be difficult to “hand stitch” it using the segment edges as inferencing guides, or to make two solid shapes, one “positive” and the other “negative” and substract the latter from the first with Solid tools.


If i’m understanding correctly,I don’t believe that method will work, as the concave plane and the convex plane are 90 degrees with respect to each other, they aren’t on opposite sides of the figure. The real life application of this will be when I route one face with a convex profile, then rotate the piece 90 degrees and route the concave profile next.

I used the Subtract tool in exactly the same way, but in the virtual world I could just push-pull to create the first “cut”.

Okay I will test it right now, thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

yes, Anssi’s way is what you’re looking for. Curviloft will create a transition curved plane between both, but you’re looking for the 3d version of 2 passes on a router.

Might help to think about how you would do it in the shop. I would think about the convex shape on the right in Anssi’s screen shot as a cutter, maybe the volume of space a sharper cutter passes through to make the cut.

A bit like Anssi’s solution but without using the Solid tools.

Click in sequence on the scene tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Intersection between concave and convex faces.skp (215.7 KB)

I use it, and it was successful. I want to thank you both for the response.


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