How do i convert a component into a layer only

I want to convert a component into a layer

Components and layers aren’t equivalent. In SketchUp, layers control the visibiilty of components and other elements. You can assign a component to a particular layer, but you can’t convert a component into a layer.
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Thanks David that makes sense. I will know for the next model.

It has helped


If you have image-editing experience or work in CAD, you probably expect SketchUp’s layers to keep elements separate from each other.

In SketchUp, layers do not isolate geometry from other geometry, but if you use SketchUp layers expecting them to do so, creating 3D models becomes a difficult and frustrating experience.

Geometry on each layer sticks to the other layers, and you’ll be selecting, moving, stretching, and otherwise changing geometry in ways you don’t expect.

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