How do I change to educational version?

Can anyone tell me how I change from SketchUp Make to SketchUp pro for education. I am starting up to learn this program and I already had the Make version 2015 installed .

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You can convert SketchUp Make to SketchUp Pro by applying an educational license. (Depending on your OS, here are instructions).

Of course, first you’ll need to acquire an educational license. Depending on where you live, and whether you’re a student or educator, prices may vary, but generally it’s pretty or affordable (and often free) to get an educational license. You can find your educational license provider here.

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Hello, if you follow the link this is the authorized retailer that will help you. Trimble sales does not handle .edu licenses. These guys will ask you to provide the necessary enrollment and contact info for your school or accredited on-line courses. They will confirm your info in about one day, then email you a license key upon receiving your payment. It cost me $49.00 when I got it for SU 2013 and lasts for one year from the date they issue it. After that it reverts back to Make. If you do get it just un-install SU Make and then re-install the Pro edition and when you first open it click on the add license option. Then you just add the license key and authorization number they will send to you, then your go-to-go!! …Peace…

Just to add, at first I DID NOT uninstall 2013 PRO trial that expired and turned to Make. I just added the license key and authorization code to avoid having to go back and re-add plug-ins an extensions. I got Ruby script errors and failed to load properly dialog box’s every time I opened SU. So to save the headache I would just do a clean install and add license key and auth. #`s…

Thank you for all the answers about converting to education license. I will try one of this now and see how it works.
Regards Helen