How do I change the color of the legs on this bench?

I’m doing a tutorial from the book “3D Printing and CNC Fabrication with SketchUp” by Cline, Lydia The tutorial I’m working on has me take a chair and use the CTL Shape Bender Tool to create this bench.

After making the bench I did some clean up on it. Then decided to color it.

After coloring the seat and back I noticed part of the leg got brown too.

I have been trying to change the legs back to the original color as shown on the ends of the bench but can’t seem to get the job done. When I use the color picker on the legs it picks one solid color. Then when I apply the color I picked from the ends of the legs it don’t have the same look as the ends I picked it from. If that makes any sense.

Here is a copy of my model.

chair.skp (629.4 KB)


Edited to add: What I’m doing to try and fix the leg color.

Something like this?

Make Hidden Geometry visible first. Then use the eyedropper to sample the material from the leg and apply it to the faces that need to be painted.

If I were drawing that bench I’d have made the seat a component and the legs components to keep them separate.

Hi Dave,

Maybe I’m not using the eyedropper correctly.

Seems when I’m using the eyedropper it’s picking so small of a sample that depending on what part of the leg I click, The color maybe anything from light gray to a darker gray.

Oops! Forgot you’re on Mac. That eye dropper works differently. Instead, get the Paint Bucket tool. Hold Command and sample material applied to the leg. Release command and paint the material on the faces that need it.

you are using the Apple Color Picker used for sampling screen pixel colors and what the Dave describes is the way to access the Eye Dropper Tool on a mac…

however for this model you should probably just use Colors in Model and select the one you want…


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Yeah, got it now, thanks!

To start with the chair I used I got from the 3d warehouse. As the book told me to from the tutorial I was following along with. So that is what I had to start with. When I first went to color it I just looked at Wood materials. Picked one and colored the seat and back part of my new bench.

Now I see that I really was thinking about this to hard. I did not have to use the color picker at all.
I just had to view “Colors in Model” and what I wanted was already there. :slight_smile:

btw: I was gone for a few hours today. It didn’t really take me 7 hours to figure it out haha :wink: