How do I change segments in a ellipse already drawn?

Hi there,
Is it possible to change the amount of segments in a ellipse already drawn with Sketch up web free?
I tried with a normal circle and even after drawn is possible but for some reason I am not able to do it with an ellipse. Any advice?

Simple answer, No.

I found a workaround. Drew a circle. Made it into a component and scaled a copy to make an ellipse. When opening the original for editing, segment count can still be changed. If I edit a nonuniformly scaled copy, it cannot.


(About circles and ellipse segment count) +


Same applies to arc objects and their scaled copied instances.

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If you cannot or do not want to use Anssi’s trick and the ellipse is already drawn, you can recreate it as shown in this SU file.

Changing segmentation of an ellipse.skp (96.1 KB)

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Thank you! Your method works! And thank you as well for the sketch file!!! :slight_smile: :smiling_face:

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