How do I block the slope with a circle?

I’m having solid inspector errors on this cog. Can someone please help me seal the gaps (and explain how it can be done)? I’ve spent ages on this.

bevel cog 2015-11-01.skp (213.0 KB)

In general, if one circle has 24 segments, a connecting circle must have 24 segments as well (the actual number is unimportant, but must be the same). Failure to do so will not connect all the dots correctly. The example below shows this mismatch. You have other things wrong as well, but this is the one that will never allow a good “seal” to make it watertight.

Thank you, but the slope part of the cog was downloaded, then I modified it. I don’t know how to detect how many straight lines each circle level of the slope has. There must be a better way to seal every minuscule gap. Even a 24 line circle layered over another won’t seal if it is rotated askew. This is a major problem with sketchup - using lines to create circles instead of wisely coding the program to use pixels. At any rate, I can’t hope to either guess or count how many straight lines exist in each circle of the slope I downloaded.

Having the bevel and teeth together makes it nearly impossible to fill directly across from the edge of the teeth as there is a tiny angle between them. So i did three versions, sliced flat, full bevel and a face just slightly down from the teeth.
I’ve given you the inside views also so you can see what shouldn’t be inside the original.

Multi bevel cog 2015-11-01.skp (911.0 KB)

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Wow. Thank you so much! So well presented and perfect! I made a cylinder in the middle to overcome overhang from my 3D printer. Thank you so much.