How do I add a "legend" into my Layout doc?

Hi All, I’ve had bags of help from you guys so far since joining… I’ve created a model of my project in a scale following a lot of help by Dave… I sent my scaled drawing to my customer as requested but have since been requested to add a legend onto my drawing which shows stuff like gas, electric DB, fire panel, electric meter, smoke detector head, CCTV camera and so on. I’ve had my head buried into YouTube but cant seem to manage it. Can anyone help?

kind thanks


If you’ve used Layout, just add text where you want it.

I’m working on something similar and if its the same Dave he’s been a huge help to me too. If your interested, I have a really good book for sale called Sketchup to Layout and it’s an excellent resource and I have the files to go along with it if you’re interested?


What are you meaning by “legend”. Are you wanting something other than what the Text tool where you can anchor text to an object?

I’d like to have a text box which shows an icon then has its meaning. as I say just like an architectural plan.

This might be helpful, even if you are making your own. [UPDATED] My LayOut Scrapbook for Architectural Drawings. • sketchUcation • 1