How do I add 2D Editable Text that remains on a Surface?

I want to write information on walls in 2D (or 3D) that I can edit easily. How do I do that please?
My current usage is for drawing a 33 segment clock, but I will need a lot more writing on walls for my project

3D text is standard in SketchUp.

Edit: not easily editable but easily replaceable…

In SketchUp Free, you don’t. In SketchUp Pro you could use a plugin that creates editable 3D text but make it with no extrusion distance so it is 2D.

When I need to put numbers on a clock face I use 3D Text and set the component origins to make it quick and easy to drop into place where I want them with the right orientation.

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@Zxen is using Studio trial, so extensions are possible…

You could also use the Flat Text extension (from Extension Warehouse) or Number Rules and Scales from the SketchUcation Plug-in Store , which uses Flat Text to draw linear or radial arrays of numbers.

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You can also look at TIG 2D Tools on the Sketchucation Plugin Store.

Yes, this isn’t editable. In the video its mentioned at 3:12.

What’s that plugin called? And please explain this component origins method (while using the rotation tool?).

I’m trialling it, but these forums are for everyone and remain in the archives when people search for answers.

Yes, that’s what I did, thank you. If there’s a 3D version with better font options, please let me know.

I’ll take a look, thanks.

The Flat Text Plugin offers the essential ability to apply editable text to surfaces and is much neater than the hectic text tool included in Sketchup.

Register, Login and Download this plugin here: SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation, then go to Extensions>Extension Manager>Install Extension and choose it from your download folder. This will give you a couple of new mini toolbars, which you can neatly click to your main toolbar.

3D Text Editor from the Extension Warehouse.

This is explained in the SketchUp Fundamentals. Go through the instructional materials at

Yes. I know but he’s also using SketchUp Free and didn’t specify which version he was referring to.

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Sounds like a hundred hours of homework, but I do need to figure out the difference between groups and components, I suppose. Alright, I accept your wild goose chase response, thank you…

It wasn’t a “wild goose chase response”. The information is presented for you in the educational materials that are already available.




Yes, this isn’t editable. In the video its mentioned at 3:12.

Sorry, I thought is was editable. I do not have access to my laptop but I have used the tool a lot in the past and thought I remembered editing the text.

BTW: it is 9:12 instead of 3:12 :grin:

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