How did Sketchup Socks become a thing?


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I’m simply curious. I received a pair in my swag bag at 2016 Basecamp. At the time, I wondered if there was something in the past that associated socks with Sketchup. Now, after watching the video in the post referenced above, I’m wondering out loud here!


I don’t know the full history but I got a pair of (too small for me) socks in a Season’s Greetings letter from the SU team when the product was still developed by @Last. They were seized upon by a member of the family whom they fitted. It must have been more than 10 years ago. I would post a picture but they have gone the way of all socks. A pair of socks may have been the first SU swag item in existence.


I think the socks were deemed a safer variety of swag than the SketchUp underwear. Too many varieties of underwear needed to satisfy the crowd. I was happy they didn’t have the logo embroidered, though, or I’d have the logo imprinted on my cheek. :smiley:


There were SketchUp underwear xD ? You learn something new each day!




I could’ve used the beanie this winter!


I think Sara Strebe, our first Marketing Director (@Last Software) had a friend who worked for the local Colorado bike clothing manufacturer Pearl Izumi. But it was Sara who came up with the idea of providing bike socks to trade show attendees as an antidote to the typical stack of t-shirts more commonly given out. When you’re on your feet all day at a trade show, nothing is more comforting than a nice clean pair of socks.

Sara also came up with the original “It doesn’t stink” slogan that was found on the bottom of the socks. She also printed up a set of “Sock Option Certificates” for everyone on the startup team. Little startup joke :wink:



Selling sock options isn’t a bad idea, but I would seriously suggest you quietly waft away any mention of ‘it doesn’t stink’ as soon as possible.

Mmmm Yum maccas new double fried kidney burger with bacon and extra cheese doesn’t taste of pee, isn’t a tag line you will hear very often.


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