How could I get this shape?


I’ve tried several ways to draw the green part of this picture (the walls) but any of them ended as I expected.
The problem is the thickness, I don’t know how to do it and keep the angles constraint.

Could someone give me some advice? or tell me if there is a similar tutorial.

This is one of the ways I tried, but I did it in several ways, doing the 3D without thickness and then copy, scaling and paste in place, but any of them worked.

Thanks in advance


There are many ways to get to the point shown in your screen shot. When you get to the point at the end of your GIF, you could just select the inner edge of the wall and move it straight up to intersect with the angled edge.


I try, but I think I have not clear how to do it.

I’ll keep trying.


Not that edge. The horizontal edge on the adjoining wall.


Thank you so much for adding a gif.
I was trying it when you gave me the clue.
Anyway you did it so much easy than I did :stuck_out_tongue:


Erase all the unnecessary lines before you drag the line to do it as smoothly as Dave did. :slight_smile:


one of your gifs is ‘breaking’ this entire page, can you edit and re-upload from your desktop rather then using a dropbox download link…



Sure, I’ll do when on computer


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