How come I can only export 3D models in dae or kmz?

How come I can only export 3d models in dae or kmz? I don’t have the option to export in lwo or obj or fbx. The other programs I want to export to wont accept dae or kmz. Are those the only types the free version exports in?

Export file types for Make and PRO:


Yes, unless you use a third party plugin. There have existed free ones for at least .obj and .dxf. You might try the ones found at . They are old, but they might still work.


Well that sucks. thanks. I wasnt aware of that.

Thanks I’ll give it a try.

There are several exporters available that work in the ‘free’ version…

Do some research…

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Well that sucks.[/quote]

and no commercial usage too.

Is this a new thing that Sketchup has implemented?? I have Sketchup Make 2017 and have been exporting OBJ files with no issues until recently. Now I am only allowed to export dae and kmz files. I am trying to use the program so I can 3D print items but without the OBJ or even an STL export option, I can’t use Sketchup.


According to that article, it’s not new to SU2017.

You can get an STL exporter from the Extension Warehouse. see:

You could also upload into the browser version and download as .stl if it’s not working for you on the desktop.

OBJ export is only available in SketchUp Pro. You might have been using it while your Make was still in the Pro trial mode. DAE and KMZ are the only file types natively included with SketchUp Make. STL import and export can be added to Make by installing the free STL plugin from the Extension warehouse.
Other exporters and importers like OBJ and DXF are available in several versions as plugins (free and paying) to Make.

Just a tip:

You can export to dae and import to blender, then from there export back to obj, 3ds, or any desired format.

That’s the only free workaround that I can think of.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for this suggestion!

My question: I just downloaded SketchUp Make, and it is currently running in Pro trial mode. The DAE export works as I need it to. Will it keep working as it does now once the trial is over?

I understand that the other export options will go away once the trial period is over. That’s ok so long as DAE exports continue to work as they do now (in trial mode).

Thanks for any feedback from Make users who are already out of trial mode, appreciate it.

You will be able to export to .dae when your Pro Trial runs out.