How can I segregate a shape composed of several arcs and a straight line?

Hi Folks,

Been struggling a bit today with getting the hang of Sketchup. But have made some progress.

I’ve marked out a lawn on the default layer using many arcs and a straight line. But I cannot make it separate from the rest of the garden. I want to ultimately make it look like grass, and the surrounding beds look like soil or chipped bark.

Is there a way of doing this?

Thank you :grinning:


First, see the training videos in your other topic.
I’ll make a demo of how to untangle things.

The trick to separating a tangle of sticky geometry is to make a copy.
Then, erase what you don’t want from that copy.
Make the remaining geometry you want, into a Component.

If needed, make another copy of the original tangle and repeat to sift out other logical portions of the model.

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Thanks Geo. That makes a lot of sense. I ended up trying that out of a bit of lateral thinking. But then I found out what I think caused the problem. The line defining the lawn edge imperceptibly was not closed. where the 2 ends should have met, they’d gotten mixed up with some steps and were at different elevations and did not meet. I think I get the difference between layers, groups, and components. I have to say, I think I’ve had enough for one day - been at it nearly 10 hours!
Many thank yous for all your help :grinning: Another long day, and I might be able to make something that is not too shabby… Maybe!


ThomThom’s “edge tools” can be a useful plugin when you encounter this type of thing where lines should be closed but you cant see where there may be a tiny gap.

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