How can I repair this edge?


McGurkusCageforSupport.skp (879.5 KB)

This is a piece of scenery and I need to finish cutting out the letters and then add bars to the assembly. Originally a 1.5" thick wall, I imported a png file as texture then started cutting away the white stuff I don’t need for the 3d model. I don’t know when or how it happened but the face (surface) under “McGur” of McGurkus is gone. I cannot figure out how to repair it… without that edge, I cannot complete the cut. I need to end up with the lettering and not the background.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


I don’t see that there’s a missing edge anywhere. Perhaps you could show it in a screen shot?

I made the background and sky white and changed the edge color to green so the edges would be more easily visible.

My mistake. It’s not an edge that’s missing, it’s a face. Entirely different critters.

Here I’ve made the back face color green so it shows more easily.

The bottom edges aren’t straight. Fixing it is easy, though. add some guidelines to show where the edges should be.

Move the edge shown selected down to the intersection of the guidelines.

Trace that edge with the Line tool and the face should fill in.