How can I play my scenes in reverse order?


I have 100 scenes that i want to play in reverse order, from scene 100 to scene 1… alternatively is there a quick way to reorder them so that scene 100 is first and scene 1 is last? I dont want to reorder them one by one, would take too long.


Do you intend to export the whole sequence as video, that needs to be the reverse of what you have now? If so, you could reverse the animation in a video editor.


yes thats exactly what i want to do. which video editor would you recommend?


I don’t know all video editors, but usually there is an option to reverse a clip in the timeline. If you get stuck and can post a video somewhere, I can reverse it.

I have Final Cut Pro and Premiere. I know FCP can do it, I think Premiere can.

But wait, this might do well for you, it can reverse up to 100 MB files:

online video reversing tool


Thank you so much.
It would make my life much easier if Sketchup included an option to automatically reverse a large number of scenes… oh well.


Yours is the first request for that sort of thing that I’ve ever seen in more than 15 years of using SketchUp and being on the various SketchUp forums. Not so surprising that there isn’t a built in method for doing that. It might be possible to do with a script. Maybe you could hire a Ruby guru type to write an extension that would do it.


That is weird. Maybe i’m doing things the wrong way. What i do is construct a building step by step till the end, then i start hiding things, starting with the last thing, going backwards and creating scenes for every step. When i play it in reverse, it shows how to construct the building step by step.


I guess it’s because most people who do this would be using a Video Editor and since almost all video editors have the function built in they probably sort it out there rather than in SketchUp. Certainly not doing anything wrong however!


If I were going to do what you’re doing, I would have created the scenes in the order of construction from the beginning instead of creating them in reverse order as you did.


Well, I modify the construction as I go along and don’t know what the final components will be until its finished.