How can I make a solid wall without entering it?

How can I make a solid wall?

How about giving us some useful information about what you are trying to do?

It all depends on what your definition of ‘solid’ is.

If enclosed then drawing a base and PushPulling it to a desired height.

if filled then no.

When I use the zoom and other tools, I am trapped inside a wall.
I would like to make solid structures to avoid this and other problems,
such as penetrating a solid wall with a piece of furniture without knowing

SketchUp is a surface modeler and as such the 3D objects you draw are hollow. No way around that. And there is no way to prevent the camera or furniture from passing through a face. You just need to be deliberate when you place components in the model space to make sure they go where you want them. It all takes practice.

Thanks for answering.
It’s clear to me now.

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