How can I keep the windows scenes etc open on the side when starting new doc

I am working on the new SKP 2024 version. When I start a new document, I cannot see the little tools (scenes etc) on the side. I need to activate them manually each time I open a doc. How can I make them stay permanently ? It used to be possible on previous SKP versions.
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

it is still possible.

  • Do you open only one instance of sketchup before closing ? if you don’t, do
  • do you have multiple monitors ? if you have, try with only one
  • did you try saving a document (even blank) before closing and launching sketchup again ?

Bonjour Paul :slight_smile:
I actually tried the 3d option you were proposing and it seems to work !! I opened an empty document, saved it, closed SKP and re launched SKP opening a new document, and;…
WOW it worked :slight_smile:
Merci beaucoup,

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