How can I get my paint layers and info to show up on a second monitor


all of a sudden I can’t get my paint selection window to show up or my layers or component info. I use two monitors and no matter which monitor I was working on the other monitor showed the above mentioned section windows. So how do I get them back??


Preferences>Reset Workspace?

You’d get more complete info if you would complete your profile with SU version and operating system.


I use SU 2015 PRO and MS 7 PRO


So put that in your profile.

Did resetting the workspace help?


Well I set up my profile, sorry about not attending to that first off. I have been using SU since the 7 version and I have never really had to ask for assistance till now.
My problem is I use 2 apple monitors and what had previously been the case was while working on one monitor the other always showed the dialogue boxes for my paint model info and components. Now all of a sudden they don’t show anywhere at all. So I have no idea what paint color I am using and can’t change it. The real mystery is I haven’t changed any setting that I am aware of.
Any assistance in fixing this is GREATLY appreciated.


So did you try resetting the Workspace under Preferences>Workspace?