How can I get an arc mouse to orbit?

Can I get a Microsoft Arc Mouse to orbit?

Had to look it up. Since it has no equivalent of the center mouse button, I expect you’ll need to select the Orbit tool from the Camera menu, toolbar, or use a keyboard shortcut to activate Orbit. O is the default keyboard shortcut for Orbit. Then Esc to get out of it.

See this post …

Thank you. I am able to use orbit from the tool bar and the O key, but I was hoping to use the arc mouse that I have. I see from another answer that there is a download from Microsoft that may help customize the mouse to get a center button function, I’ll try that.

BTW, where were you able to look it up?

Thanks, I’ll try this.

I did a search for Arc Mouse and wound up looking at a Microsoft page where it indicate that it’s only got left and right buttons and no center button. I didn’t get as far as finding the article Dan linked to, though.

I saw some videos showing the mouse in use. I think I’d find the scroll action difficult but I’ve obviously never tried one.

Thanks. The scroll works ok, its smooth. I’ll let you know if the Microsoft download works.