How can I draw this shape?

I want to draw this shape, as a flat panel, to represent a cut out piece of hardboard or ply.
Edit: I want to post a picture of the shape I’m trying to draw. How do I do that?

Have you tried this?
Or drag&drop.

Yes, I tried that. I uploaded the picture. Just don’t know how to make it display here.

The image is a .PNG

Unless the image is HUGE you should be able to drag and drop it into your next post in this thread.

I’m pretty sure you can upload png files. If not, convert it to jpg.

Here goes. This is the shape, resized and exported to .JPG. Also, making sure Firefox is not open as a private window (which has prevented other things working in the past).

Edit: Nope, nothing.

I’m not sure how much posting history (or registered time) a user is required to amass before the Discord forum software will allow posting of images. Simply dragging the image file (PNG or JPG) into the text field when composing a reply should work if the forum software permits it.

I think TDahl my be right about not having enough posts yet to upload anything. A little off topic but you really should update the information in your profile. It’s helpful to the people that are trying to help you. Your exact computer info ( on a Mac I’m assuming ) can be found by clicking on the Apple icon on the left side of the Mac toolbar. Exact SU version find by clicking on preferences in the SU window.

No, number of post shouldn’t count, new users are only limited to one image in their first post.
I have seen this before with a few people, I think from memory it was a browser issue and using another browser allowed them to post images.