How can I arrange labels to be in front of object fill?

When I position a label text and leader across an object with fill, it ends up behind the fill. I’ve tried “arranging” the fill to the back and the label to the front. I haven’t found any way to get the labels to appear in front of the fill. The fill I am using is semi-transparent. When I draw curves across the fill area they show up in front of the fill, but when I draw a label leader, it appears behind the semi-transparent fill.

How about putting the labels on a layer higher in the list than the fill or whatever other content you have?

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Anyway, you can set your shortcuts to speed up your workflow when the objects (label text, lines, titles…) are on the same layer.

Shift + F to bring to front
Shift + B to send to back

Great! So simple. Thank you for your help.

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Good suggestion. Thank you.

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