How can I activate a layer in SU 2019?


There is no checkbox anymore.



It is moved to the right, should be there, try dragging the width of the panel


Oh my god, I’m so blind, thank you Mike, thats it.


I’d still recommend you read the link I gave you, carefully.
You should also be marking @MikeWayzovski’s post as the solution, not your own.




Also, doing something one way for 20 years doesn’t mean you are doing it the right way.


Notice that you now can order by Layer, as well:

The new order of visibility and the advice that @box is giving is merely meant to prevent new users to use the Layers as other CAD-software.
An old-timer like you

would have figured that out, by now!

That makes users like me and @box, newbies!


Applying layers directly to individual edges and faces is dangerous, as you risk silent accidental merging. If you move one object that sticks to a hidden object, that hidden object will be morphed.

The general recommendation is to always have Layer0 on edges and faces, and apply other layers to groups and components containing them. This is safer as groups and components are drawing contexts (what layers are in most other programs) and prevent sticking between them.


You are absolute right, I already have these experiences. That’s why I always watch what comes on what layer. When I have to draw a couple of models for layer 1, I activate layer 1 and I am drawing the models. If you work with a program for a long time, you are not thinking about other ways of working. Maybe I should do that.


If it has worked for 20 years, was he doing it wrong the whole time, then?

How dangerous? Life-saving?

It should save you a bunch of time, not chasing active layers all the time!


That does make you an old timer. Especially since SketchUp hasn’t been around for 20 years.


ok, 19 years, since 2000


mmm, do we have to take in account months and days, too?


Very first version of SketchUp?


For maybe a century factories looked like this with moving belt you could tangle your hair and cloths into. Just because it’s been done a long time doesn’t make it the optimal way.


Yes, I have my own business since 1998 and soon switched from Alias ​​Upfront to Sketchup from @Last.


That explains a lot, we were recently shown a video from way back then showing how they used layers then. It made all of us cringe in horror.
If you don’t change the active layer you don’t need to chase the active layer or wonder what face or edge is on what layer.

If you leave layer0 active and use entity info to assign a layer tag to groups, components, dimensions and other entities, you can manipulate their visibility without any qualms.


And the correct procedure is explained under the link? Then I’ll see it this evening and try to understand what is the difference to my way of working.


yes in fact, not putting initial geometry on layer zero has caused me a many of headaches while learning, when trying to turn layers on and off you can end up with these outline/selected ghost geometry that appear


When I had this problem, I activated all layers, ungrouped the geometry, and then grouped at the right layer. For me that was not a big deal. But I admit, working on Layer0 right now and assigning the right layer later is certainly more time-saving.
Actually, I just wanted to know how to activate the levels in SU 2019. :wink: And I am learning a basic after almost 20 years of using Sketchup. Thank you all.