How can do I import A ,lwo file into A Sketchup .KSB File


How can do I import A ,lwo file into A Sketchup .KSB File


.KSB isn’t a sketchup file, it may be a typo and you want to write .SKB, which isn’t what you want either, that is the backup file.
You want to be working with the .skp file.

Sketchup doesn’t have an importer for .iwo files, you should check if lightup exports to a file type that sketchup does work with or use an online file converter to change the .iwo to .obj or something else compatible with .skp


LightWave, to be exact.

According to the documentation, you can export from LightWave in the Collada (.dae) format. That would probably be the best option for import into SketchUp.


Thank you for Help Anssi sir. But fortunately I discovered that I had something all along
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