Hover to Select OR keyboard shortcut for Select option for disabled users?

I am trying to limit the number of times I need to click mouse due to mobility issue in my right (mouse) hand…
Is there a way to hover to select OR a hot key command that would allow me to select after simply hovering over geometry, group or component with my “keyboard” (non-mouse) hand?
(I tried to assign the Spacebar as “select” from the shortcut preferences with no luck, but I may be doing something wrong.)


Did you look at AutoHotKey to re-map a keyboard key to perform a mouse click…?

Have you had a look at Hover Select by Fredo. Less clicking.

Below is the only place I could find that…
Can you tell me if this plugin will work with SU Pro 2020?

Thanks again.

Yes it works with 2020 and the Bold Hover Select in my previous post is a link to the download.
It may not do what you want.

Have you considered getting a touchpad and placing it to the left of your keyboard, this would allow you to do the clicking with your left hand while moving the mouse with your right.

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I tried that but was not able to assign any hotkeys for “Select”, the way I can do with any other hotkey remapping…

Will keep digging,

#IfWinActive ahk_exe sketchup.exe

 ;CapsLock = Single Click


The above works for me.

#IfWinActive ahk_exe sketchup.exe

checks to see if SketchUp is the active window and if so pressing the caps key performs a left mouse click.

I do have the default caps key function disabled by another script - I’m not sure if that affects the above script.

I’m not an expert with AHK so I’m not aware if there are any global declarations that need to be made at the beginning of the script.

Pressing caps twice does a double click.

I would remap the tab key to do a double click but that conflicts with some of my extensions that use the tab key.