House facade suggestion

I have prepared a 3D model of my house (skp file). Is there some online architecture company that can take this 3D model of my house and prepare some facade suggestions (designs)?

Thank you.

what? Don’t understand…


You are at the right spot. There are any number of people on this forum who have the capability to provide architectural design assistance.

Typically a design project will start with the location … from that a basic structure that fits the location will be designed … and from that a 3D model … and a floor plan will be developed … all the while considering the owners situation in terms of number of people, lifestyle, budget, etc.

But this is your project … and your creative process … so it can progress anyway YOU want. But most designers will find it helpful to know where your house is located … and what “style” of house you have in mind. This last question is oftentimes best answered by furnishing visual examples … with a note for each about the specific feature you like. One good place to search (and find) inspiration is Houzz. It even has a tab for “Browse Photos by Style” … very useful early in a project.

Indeed, if you post your SketchUp model (the .SKP file) … along with some information on what “type” of suggestions you are looking for … you will undoubtedly get multiple responses.

Enjoy the process.

Ernest Godsey
GTA Design