House Design (Work In Progress)

It’s a shared housing design. There are 10 private bedrooms, but the public areas are shared. I’m having a slight design block at the moment, so any design suggestions are welcomed. The renders are low quality because it’s not done yet. My end goal is near photorealistic renders, but it’s a learning process.

All the bedrooms are the same layout, but they also double as personal offices and they could put a personal TV in there too.

Here are the bathroom sinks. They each have a medicine cabinet for storage.

The house has bathroom stalls, shower stalls, and private bath tub rooms.

The living room has a movie theater.

Here’s a hallway.

Here’s the kitchen.

The pantry is large to store enough food for 10+ people.

There’s a vertical farm in the courtyard for people to grow food.

Please pardon the upside down text, but here’s the floor plan.

Feel free to download the model.

EDIT: I decided to use the 3D Warehouse instead of modeling all the components and started making the library.

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