Hotkey for scene update

I would like to create a hot key sequence for something a little unusual. I would like to increase the speed of my workflow such that I could use a hot key to update a scene and confirm the update in one go.

To explain better Refer the attached image, I would like to assign the hotkey not only to click the button circled but also click the update on the dialog box that is shown subsequently.

Is there any way of doing this? Perhaps some kind of record macro or something? I have had a poke around and nothing seems obvious.



Did you try searching the available shortcuts. This shortcut won’t open the Properties to Update panel. It just updates the scene in the same way context clicking on a scene tab does.
Screenshot - 8_11_2021 , 8_59_59 PM


OK, now I feel stupid, I did look but now realise that the options are not sorted by alphabetical order and I missed it when I went looking.

Thanks again,


They’re sorted by menu.

Unfortunately not by menu/sub-menu/sub-sub-menu though which would be handy…well at least on the mac version.

No need to feel stupid. Shortcuts can only activate menu entries, not other inputs such as the most commonly used way of scene updating, and the less used menu entry is easy to miss

I was myself thinking of making a script that exposed the Update functionality to a menu, so this new menu entry in turn could be used to add a shortcut to. That would be a bit stupid given an entry already existed :stuck_out_tongue:

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