Horizontal not diagonal lines

When printing 3D I would like to have horizon lines on the lower surface instead of diagonal. Is this possible?

This would surely be a setting in the software you use to slice the model. Which 3d printing software do you use?

Please say more to clarify what you mean. If you are referring to the web with which the printer fills the interior of a solid, I think this is a function of the printer software, not SketchUp.

Hi, I am using FlashPrint as recommended by Flasgforge. Cheers, Bruce

Oh come on! Give us something to work with. Images, files, a good description of what you are doing and what the result you want is…

I am printing enclosures for the BBC Microbit. The lower surface on the print becomes the front face of the box. I would like the lines on this surface to run horizontally not diagonally. I can’t find this option on either Sketchup or FlashPrint.

If there’s an option anywhere to control the direction the head on the printer moves, it should be on the printer side, not in SketchUp. Perhaps you should check with Flashforge.

OK, thanks for your help. I will contact FlashPrint and Flashforge.
I love Sketchup, it’s great. Cheers, Bruce

As a guess with the limited info you are giving, try to rotate the ‘Print’ in 3d space to fit the build parameters of your printer.

I may try that if I don’t get an answer from Flashforge or FlashPrint.,Cheers