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My 3D Basecamp 2022 album

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver Convention Centre West Building

Where are you from? Romania


Thank you, Speakers!
@alexoliver, @josephkim626, @Matheron & @CAUL, @tammy, @eric-s & @Daniel_Tal, Joel Newman, @JimLammers, Jon Altschuld, @Sonder.

From Chaos V-Ray, my neighbors (Bulgaria)… thank you!

Thank you!

@TheOnlyAaron & @matt_robison



Unlocking the secrets of SketchUp for IPad - Thomthom, @jody and @colin … thank you!

Josh and Tammy


Knowledge Hub

Thank you, @ene_su, @Cotty, @Wo3Dan, @jean_lemire_1, @MikeWayzovski, @dezmo, @endlessfix and SketchUp Team!


Thank you, @mihai.s ! It was great to meet you in person!


I concur! Great to see a face behind the avatar. That goes for @endlessfix too, and probably more people that I can’t name right now


Thank you so much for these!

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It was my first Basecamp, but I felt at home very quickly after connecting with so many old and new friends.

We’re doing this again next week, right?


Agreed. Glad to meet in person, brief as it was. Thanks for the great pictures! Love the one with @thomthom and @colin! Despite being a camera guy, I took almost no people pictures, just touristy ones of the place.

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With @jody photobombing behind?

I couldn’t get any pictures of my own talk, though I believe an official photographer came into my first session and took some pictures. Any chance I’ll ever get to see those?

I didn’t get to talk to the miss who took pictures at each class to find out if and where she would publish them.
And the fact that there were many courses that overlapped, allowed me to take pictures at the ones I got to attend.
Mr. Coolidge, I’m glad I managed to meet you, and I already put the picture I took of you here in the album.
Thank you all for the beautiful thoughts!

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=> @Matheron & @CAUL


@CAUL, thank you for Flowify, what an extension! And for your and Felix’s username info!

Starting from this post

"Looking for advice on cutting a cutting a footpath into an irregular slope.
I’d like to keep the path part a little more level, some slope is ok, especially on the switchbacks (I can cover those with steps).
Smoothing the slope and blending it with surroundings is pretty rough…"
original model

… testing various work techniques (with Drape, Stamp, Vertex Tools, FollowMeAndKeep)


Modeling ‘Organic Hard Surface’ - based on Blender tutorial

Render V-Ray 5.20 for SketchUp

Created in SketchUp

  • extensions: QuadFace Tools, Vertex Tools, Split Tools, SUbD, BoolTools, Fredo JPP, Fredo ThruPaint


Three tubes junction with native tools in SketchUp
starting from this forum discussion


Modeling a mobius strip
starting from this forum discussion

Thank you, Fredo, thomthom, for extensions!
Vertex Tools, TrueBend, Cruviloft


Mind Blown 1f92f

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For copy :wink:

Thank you @eric-s for your kindness!

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I’m glad that I had my own method that I studied and could present in a short video.

But even if you just present the animated version of a method previously described only through text by someone, it might prove useful to other people.


Good luck in presenting your ‘mapping’ method in a video!
The more methods, the better we can learn.
Have a nice day!


Different forms of tinsel

From Blender > Geometry Nodes to SketchUp geometry

based on tutorials (one and two)