Hirst Arts Mold 66

Looking for someone to create a Hirst Arts mold #066 please (or explain how to make it myself). I had bought a bunch of the molds and have been working on putting together a massive castle…but at my current rate of speed I will be done in 3.4 years. So instead I am going to try to print one. I found someone had uploaded the 4" and 8" round castle, but not the 6" round castle.
Thanks so much.

Would you print them on a home 3d printer, or have them printed by a 3d printing service?

I wonder if there would be any time savings in home printing these parts. Maybe someone who has done similar prints can comment. From what I have seen, home 3d printing/extruding is not a fast process either.

Here’s a link to the parts: http://www.hirstarts.com/molds/m66.pdf

Thanks for the response. I am more than a newbie here as I am fixing to order a 3d printer but was trying to get some of the groundwork done here first. I started trying to build the 6" tower as there are two with a gatehouse between, then further back is everything else. When I couldnt find the 6" tower on here I tried with some of the others but the dimensions are off.
Thanks for your PDF but I actually already own the real mold of the item…just need the 3d version so I can continue building it in Sketchup. Today I researched how to make 3d images from pictures so I might give that a try…just didn’t know if some of you professionals at this (or at least long time users) already had this or could do it faster.

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