Highlighting Components in Layout

I have been getting into making timber shop drawings lately. I would very much like to know how or if it is even possible to highlight (or colour) individual components in layout. The reason I want to do this to highlight, on a small perspective model, the location of timber I am currently showing dimensions for. This makes it visually easier to determine orientation when cutting timbers in the shop. I have seen this done on other architectural drawings with a mini floor plan in the corner highlighting which wall section is being displayed.
Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

You can’t access the components in the viewports directly in LayOut but you could do some things with stacked viewports to create the appearance you want.

I have thought about going about it the long way around. Creating a copy and its own layer for each separate piece. But for the amount of time that would take I just don’t think it would be worth it. This would be a feature worth taking into consideration when a new version comes out. I have talked to several other Layout users that have looked for a similar option.