High Sierra SU 2018 ''Select rectangle performs OK but doesn't display''

High Sierra / SU 2018 '‘Select rectangle performs OK but doesn’t display’'
Same for SU2018 with Sierra OS.
SU 2017 works OK on Sierra & High Sierra.

This sounds like an OpenGL glitch in the driver for your display. There have been a small number of reports of this kind of problem with specific models of Macs.

I believe that Trimble is aware of the problem but since there is no way to modify the drivers provided with OS X other than wait for an update by Apple, they would have to develop a workaround - which takes more time.

Thanks for your info

Hi Steve, I didn’t give up trying…
I managed to make it work by applying these settings in Preferences / OpenGL / Multisample aliasing set to ‘‘0’’ - Use fast feedback ‘‘ON’’ - use maximum texture '‘OFF’'


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