Hiding any future modelled geometry after saving a scene

Hi all - is their a way i can save a scene and hide any future geometry i add to the model?
Eg: when i’m modelling i would like to save a scene of a certain component (or various) and continue to finish my model without having to go back through all my scenes hiding and updating my scenes.
Thanks Aaron

First, you should be assigning tags to the components and using them to control visibility. You can use a n extension from the Extension Warehouse to create tags that will be turned off in existing scenes. The extension is called Auto Invisible Layer but it works with tags, too.

Thanks Dave, already use tags for pretty well everything. Extension does the job provided EVERYTHING is assigned to a tag. Ideally, on creating a scene i would love to have the option to auto hide or not for that particular scene. Thanks again for your help - i will be using this extension a lot.

Perhaps you can try this one too:

I think he’s already got that one. :wink: