Hideall.rb causing slowdown

Hi all,

Using hideall.rb extension in Sketchup Make 2017. I’m finding that in larger models, using the hide-all-unselected add-on causes a major slowdown for a good 30-60 seconds, after which it picks up again and editing can continue as expected. But for that time it’s unusable. Anybody else getting this?

Thanks for your help!

The script goes through all the entities (including all individual edges, faces, components groups…) one by one - in the current context - and checking them if they are selected, then hides them if not.
So if there are a lots of entities, it will takes time. During that time SketchUp is busy with this operation and can not respond other command. I say it is an expected behavior.

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Hi thanks for the response!

That makes sense but the slowdown occurs AFTER the operation… like this:

  • select object(s) to isolate
  • press [h] to isolate selection ([h] is my shortcut key for hideall)
  • unselected objects are hidden immediately
  • major slowdown for 30 secs
  • slowdown ends suddenly and editing of isolated object can continue
  • press [u] to unhide all, no problems

The model is also well layered, and any unnecessary layers are hidden at the time.

Would you still say that this is expected? Do recent versions of Sketchup have this as a native feature? I find hide rest of model in component edit to be a bit awkward if I want to snap to other objects.

You can do similar with the native tools:

  • select object(s) to isolate
  • invert selection (CTRL Shift I )
  • hide (assign your onw key combination)

As I tested quickly with the unhide.rb and with native tools method the same slowdown will happen in both cases.
But check what will (not) happen if you close the Outliner:wink: :innocent:

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