Hide/show dialogs bug

Think I discovered a bug in SU 2015. I had a group selected and I did a “hide dialogs” and then “show dialogs” and SU seemed to perform a “soften edges” on the group. I only noticed because some softened lines showed up, so I moused over the undo button and it read “Undo Soften Edges”.

For now, I just have to remember to have nothing selected when I show/hide dialogs.

What OS? I haven’t been able to reproduce this on my Mac. What you describe is as if somehow the hide/show dialog sequence generated a click in the soften edges dialog.

I’m on Windows 7. Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to describe – performs “softens edges” – but the soften edges dialog box isn’t even open.

I’ve tried to reproduce it but wasn’t able (Win8, SU15).

Can you reproduce after a reboot of the computer, and a restart of SketchUp ?
(Clears any memory leaks, hopefully.)

Does it reproduce (with above) on a fresh clean model (no imports, etc.) ?

This is a quite old bug if it is the same one I remember. I also can not reproduce it but have seen it at least once in version 15, but I don’t think it it happened when using hide/show dialogs because I almost never use it.

@DanRathbun Did a reboot and SU restart and on a new model, but it didn’t seem to make any difference.

I suspect my old crappy video card has something to do with it.

Attached is a zip containing a video of the bug.hideshowdialogs.zip (249.8 KB)