Hide Layer 0 in a Scene


Is it correct that Layer 0 is always visible in a Scene? I
tried to make a Scene with only a component on another layer visible, but Layer 0 keeps popping back in.


All edges and faces in your model should be on Layer 0 even if you assign components and groups to other layers. Layer 0 should always remain active, too. The active layer cannot be hidden. If you are using layers correctly, there would be no reason to turn off Layer 0’s visibility.


No that is not correct. By making it non-active, you can make Layer0 non-visible. I suspect that the heart of your problem is that you didn’t update the scene after changing the visibility (and perhaps you don’t have the scene properties checked to save “Hidden Geometry” and “Visible Layers”). But… you shouldn’t be building a scene that hides Layer0 in any case, and you shouldn’t be associating edges or faces with anything except Layer0.

The best workflow treats “loose” (i.e. not in a component or group) edges and faces as temporary entities to be made into a component or group as soon as possible. Then the component can be associated with a non-visible layer as necessary. Hiding a component hides all its contents regardless of what layers they use.

Not following this practice leads to issues such as things “sticking to” things you didn’t intend - including ones that are currently not-visible! You can also get very confusing situations in which portions of a model don’t appear when you thought they would.


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