Hidden Video in Adding Premade Components and Dynamic Components

The SketchUp Help Center at https://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000118 (Adding Premade Components and Dynamic Components) includes a video but it is hidden. How in the heck to view it?

I guess you can’t. But there are plenty of other videos and textual info on making and using Dynamic Components.
My best guess is that the video is likely either a mistake or is now obsolete. It’s not unknown for the SketchUp team to release videos, using a version of SU that is still pre-release…prompting all manner of questions from eagle-eyed viewers who spot strange icons on the toolbars etc.
I might be completely wrong, but in such a case it would make sense to hide the vid until the time is right. It might be just a case that they forgot to make it public again.

Much thanks, I wanted to see it because the description stated “a brief introduction to components, how components are different from groups, and ways you can edit components” I was really interested is how components are different from groups. I’ve see some posting in several different places but get the feeling that the poster was not really sure about the info he was posting.

This may be what you’re looking for…