Hidden lines in Sketchup


I’ll make a model to import into a video game after grouping all similar textures and exporting as a .dae, but when it imports, there are some weird sections and lines showing in the imported (game) model that I can’t find in the model in Sketchup, even though I check every type of view possible. How can I find these stray things.

Also, when I try to zoom it zooms too fast and I usually end up to where my model looks like a speck (when zooming out) or I pass right through the model when zooming in. Is there any way to set the zoom speed.


If you post the model here, people can give you specific advice.

Failing that, you can display any hidden lines by View->Hidden Geometry. It may reveal something you didn’t realize was there.

The overly fast zoom happens when your cursor is over empty space as you zoom. Put the cursor over something in your model and the zoom rate will be more sensible. Also, you can do zoom extents to make everything in your model fall within the view window.


Like Steve says, put the cursor over something in your model.
The zoom rate is proportional to the distance between you (meaning the camera) and the position of the cursor.
Consequently if you scroll-wheel zoom while the cursor is over empty space which (theoretically) extends to infinity, camera travel speed tends to shift into high gear or “Warp 7 … Engage!” as Captain Kirk would say.