"Hidden Line" outlines as Dashed Lines - export as KMZ file

Customer wants to see their array of buildings as dashed line blocks available in a KMZ export. Any way to accomplish this?

Thanks to DaveR, I can answer this.

There are no linetypes available within SU itself, so if you are outputting directly from SU, the answer is no (or at least, not well or elegantly).

The way I do it means using LO. It’s a bit long-winded but it works. Put all the lines you want dashed on a dedicated layer and create a scene that shows them alone. Make sure that the camera position is the same as anything you want to overlay the dashed lines onto. In the underlying scene, turn off the layer with the dashed lines. Then import the drawing into LO with the underlying scene displayed. Get that looking the way you want. Then select the imported drawing and copy it using Ctrl-C and immediately paste it in place using Ctrl-V. You won’t see any difference but what you now have is two identical scenes on top of one another. The one on top is going to show the dotted lines. Do that by changing the scene to the dotted line one. Make sure the scene uses Vector rendering. Then explode the scene. Now you can change the line type to dotted. It is best to group the underlying scene and the exploded lines so that they stay together.

It sounds worse than it is when you describe all the steps. Of course, once the overlying scene has been exploded, it will not update if you change any of the dotted lines in SU. This is the Achilles heel. I admit I would like to see a much simpler and more inter-relational way of achieving this as everyone who produces 2D plans needs to do it all the time. But it is a workaround for something that is designed as 3D software first and foremost.

Or just disable the option of save camera location of the scene. with this you achieve that the camera location of the dashed lines scene is ever the same as the camera location in which you were before. It will spend you some time when you have many different scenes which will have dashed lines, because you only have to create one dashed line scene for all scenes, instead of for each one.

In fact the only option I tick for the dashed lines scene is the “visible layer”.

Thanks Simon, I’ll give this a shot today with 2 simple “box” style buildings on the same parcel area and see if it can get me to the “end” product.

Thanks milenoliegsalz. Your suggestion may well take me far enough to get at least 4 views of these buildings for the customer.