Hidden Layers showing up in Scenes. Help



Hello Again, So I created the original file I posted about, from scratch. I seem to be running into some of the same issues, as far as unchecked layers showing up on other scenes. I don’t know where im going wrong there. I worked out the layer 0 issues I was having on my last model so I dont think its that.

I’ve been unchecking the layers when i go back to review then update the scene and go tab by tab doing that. But they keep coming back. I noticed also that only some layers keep showing up tab after tab. Usually the later layers. Not every layer on every tab.

Also, I have a layer 0 object start starts somewhere in tab 6 or 7. I need that for the student to work on but because its layer 0 its showing up on my other tabs as well. Should I make that it’s own layer and only check it for the tab i need it on?

Here is the link to the model. Help! I dont know what Im doing wrong.