Hidden group can be seen through a 6mm panel

Ok Im assuming I have done something silly.

I have drawn a framework that I intend to make from timber. I have clad it with a 6mm thick panel and filled it with a white fill. When zoomed in close all is fine when I zoom out I can see the framework behind the 6mm panel.

Its also worse when I input into Layout as you can see some of these framework lines through the panel.

I have hidden geometry turned off, and I believe I have tried every other option.


From a distance with thin geometry things just behind can bleed through. You need to use layers and assign what is behind to a layer that you can turn off. Don’t try to do this by using the ‘Hide’ option.

Thanks Wo3Dan

Ok have selected all the framework, but don’t seem to be able to see how to convert this into a layer.

Say the framework is a group (otherwise make it a group)
(never assign any other layer to ungrouped geometry than Layer0)

Create a new layer through the ‘Layer’ window: tick the +sign right there.

In ‘Entity Info’ with the framework group selected, assign the new layer to the group.

Disable the layer’s visibility to not show the framework.

Just done it Thanks for that.


Sorry have now mucked it up, I drew on the panels, grouped them and tried to create another layer, now I can turn off the panels visibility fine but if I now turn off the frames the panels disappear as well, its as if I have the panels on both layers ! Is this possible ?


have you turned of the back edges
view/edge style/ backedges

Rich E

Thanks for jumping in Yes they were Off but still doesn’t make a difference.

Have included here for reference.



You didn’t wait long enough for the upload to complete! Most likely you have got a nested component associated with a different layer than the one containing it. This can cause confusing visibility issues.

Sorry wasn’t sure if it would continue…

I can’t get it too save small enough I keep deleting sections but its still too big

Thanks for feedback either way

Make sure all your raw geometry (i.e., edges and faces) remain on Layer0. Only groups and components should be assigned a layer other than 0.

You can check the layer your raw geometry is on by entering the context of the relevant group (double-click to edit enters its context). Select a face or edge and take note of the layer in Entity Info.

The only difference it would make if you were to upload the model is you’d have us fellow users to perform these simple checks for you, but there’s no reason you can’t do it yourself.


Cant get the file size to reduce.

What am I doing wrong I have deleted loads of the drawing and yet the file size remains the same. I have renamed it but still it is approx 14.5mb

Upload to 3dWarehouse then paste the link to it here…


Do you have images or materials based on textures in the model? They can eat up a lot of space fast.

6m x 4m Floor Area Test2.skp (178.0 KB)

I just copied everything and pasted into a new document, seems like extra information was being stored.??

To go from over 3MB to 178KB, yeah, it is safe to assume you had a lot of cruft you weren’t aware of!

How can I dump any information that isn’t required for the project Im sure loads of my drawings must be over size due to this.

You have primitive geometry (faces, etc.) from the panels associated with the Framework layer. They should be associated with Layer0.

I would like to say that makes perfect sense but Im stumped…

Ok I need to try something.