Hi Sketchupers all over the world!

Hi mi name is Ricardo, I’m an architect from Barranquilla, Colombia.
I use a lot sketchup for my work, and sometimes I get to model things on my free time, I’m really passionate about it!
I think I have reached a high level of 3d modeling since I use the platform to create, visualize and even make documentation about the models, so I consider myself very advanced.
I’ve never been in a 3DBasecamp however I tried in 2017 with the playhouse competition created by bob borson on the website life of an architect, I was a finalist with my mosterland project, even though I did not win first place and the opportunity to be at the 3DBC, I felt very happy for the accomplishment.

This year I started to get more envolved with SketchUp so I started to do everything I could do, I started to share some models on my 3dwarehouse profile wich I will share here, I created an instagram page about a brand to post projects made by me using sketchup, and also I would like at some point get an official certification from Sketchup.


Hi Ricardo! Peter (from California)

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Im figuring out how to become a content developer, but still don’t know how, Thanks!

Welcome home Ricardo.

Chris, Kentucky USA.

Did you follow the link?
Apply now? Register?

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