Hi! Here is a challenge. I need to create multiple parallelepipeds from tabte

Hi! I need to create multiple parallelepipeds from exel table by dimensions, often need that for warehouse distribution purpose. I get dimensions f.e. 1600mm, 7000mm, 2400mm, and 120 pcs like that. Could you please advise if there is any plug-in on a genuine option for that. Thanks in advance!

You’re using SketchUp 2017 Make as indicated in your profile?

Yes, but I cat switch to a later version if it is required for the task

This would imply you are using this for your work. You would need to be using Sketchup Pro instead of Make for that. And when you switch to Pro you could then create your own dynamic components to use for this purpose.

Yes for shure I will switch to pro, now I’m on trial pro version, just if I will not be able to speed up the process I will switch to another professional solution.
Now I’m just trying to understand if it fits for the purpose.

So I have pro and dynamic components, is there a way to import data fron exel table?)