Hi, guys. I'd like to know whether SketchUp has ability to load the oblique photographic model

It seems that there are no any tools to import the oblique model(a kind of model which produce via ContextCapture through UAV) into SketchUp. That kind of model common format are OSGB or I3S. As usual, the model is used in GIS. And made up by so much Irregular triangle.

I’d like to know whether there are any tool or plugin can do it?
Or, before I start to dev the plugin, I’d like to know the ability of SketchUp to showing the Irregular triangles.
The oblique model is nothing like SketchUp model. All model are irregular though there are plane inside. So even though the area is small, the irregular triangles will be very much.

Is anyone here can help me?
Thanks a lot !

Export as OBJ or DAE (from ContextCapture), then import via Transmutr, Skimp or Universal Importer to optimize the model for SketchUp.

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Hi , MiHai !
Thank you for your reply. Are you Chinese?

I’ll try the tools you mentioned, and then reply.
Have a nice day!

Hi , Mihai !
Do you know how to import the model with Geo-location?
If there are so many tiles here, it’s hard to import every tile to each own geo-location.

Have a nice day.

What tiles? Where ‘here’?