Hey yall ... old time SKuper here - struggling to select/ edit this 'soft-component'!

HELP… I dont have too many hours left!
Why cant I select the ‘dotted’ geometry of this ■■■■ couch cushion??
I simply want to move a ‘smooth/ faceted edge’ ? from ‘square’ to a trapezoidal cross section.
…with-out getting into solid boolean operations.

Thanks in advance!

Do you have view hidden geometry on?

OMG… 3 mins! … thank you… I owe you 2 hrs of my life.

My crazy other issue:
How could I best ‘toggle’ different texture component options in the same model?
Duplicates in ‘Tags’ or ‘views’ only ??
IE: 5 fabrics/ same object?

Thnx in advance…

I’d make 5 copies of the grouped object and then put them on 5 different tags. You can then make 5 different scenes with the different tags visible. But there are likely other ways.

Werd-up… Thanks Sr. !
Do you do any Enscape rendering/ Model organization… on the side?
Have had pretty good results… but its new to me, and know it could be much better.

I use V-Ray or Twinmotion, but there are plenty of Enscape users on the forum if you care to start a new topic post for rendering questions.

Understood. Thanks.