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Hola: Deseo saber si en SketchUp Web se dispone de editor para letreros en 3D y de no ser así que se debe de hacer para disponer de esa herramienta.

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I want to know if SketchUp Web has an editor for 3D signs and if not, what must be done to have this tool.

What exactly are you wanting to do? Can you show an example image?

Lo que quiero saber es si la versión de SketchUp WEB (Gratuita) tiene aplicación para realizar letreros en 3D. Gracias.

What I want to know is if the SketchUp WEB (Free) version has an application to make 3D signs. Thank you.

As @DaveR asked, could you share an image of what you want to create?
With the SU web free version you can create 3D geometry.

The OP may be asking if SU Free includes 3D Text (he uses the word ‘letreros’ which I think means letters).

I’ve just tried, and can’t see 3D Text anywhere in the interface. So I think the answer is ‘No’.

But Sketchup Make 2017 does. You could use that instead.

El OP puede estar preguntando si SU Free incluye texto en 3D (usa la palabra ‘letreros’ que creo que significa letras).

Lo acabo de intentar y no puedo ver texto 3D en ninguna parte de la interfaz. Entonces creo que la respuesta es ‘No’.

Pero Sketchup Make 2017 sí. Podrías usar eso en su lugar.

The SketchUp Help files seem to indicate that 3D text is available in SketchUp Free. It’s the last tool shown here. I made this screen shot from SketchUp Shop.

As John indicates, it is certainly available in SketchUp 2017 Make which, like SketchUp Free is available for hobby use. If you are using it for your work you would need SketchUp Shop or SketchUp Pro.

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Thank you, Dave. I missed that completely. NOT an obvious icon (to me, anyway) to find it hiding behind!

Muchas gracias a los dos por vuestra información. Un saludo

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