Here Today, Gone Today

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t dreaming…LOL

Yesterday (19 Dec), I was cruising around in the 3DWH. There came a point where I encountered some issue with a couple pages loading - I had been doing searches for various things. But hey… that’s life online and the occasional hiccup is to be expected. But then, when the results of one search finally loaded, off on the left side were some switches and knobs and sliders and stuff… all for refining one’s search. I also noticed that I wasn’t having to manually remove the checkmark from “collections” with subsequent new searches. I figured that’s what the glitch was - initiation of new features. Minutes later, I ran into the link for “analytics.”

Last night… it was all gone but the link to “analytics”… so yeah, I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine all that other stuff…lol.

Is it being tweaked? More ideas got thrown in the mix and they are being worked in? Or…did plans get changed, all that got removed and that’s that?

I’ve been waiting to see if anyone else was gonna ask about those mysterious features that appeared and then disappeared, but so far I’ve seen nothing. I was sure I’d find a post asking what happened… but maybe those who did see it are wondering if they were seeing things too and have been hesitant to say anything…

Are you referring to the advanced search tools?

Or the featured catalog browser?


No, it was not the advanced search that comes up after clicking on the Advanced Search Tools link at the bottom of the drop down field when typing in the search field as in your example. And in fact, though I know about the advanced search, I have never used it. As for the Featured Catalog Browser, I’ve never used it, never seen it, and not so sure I know how/where to access it… but I’m about to go looking for it to see if there’s any possibility that there was just a glitch and that browser came up perhaps partially, unrequested.

What I was referring to was down the left margin on the 19th, and was the type of refinement you would find in online shopping - search for an item…say, “shirts.” Search returns items in various colours, size, brands, prices, etc. Down the side (usually on the left), a person can then filter out unwanted results by dictating colour, size, brand, price, etc., and the presentation of items in the center of the page change with each refinement.

All I had done, as usual, was type in the search field at the top of the page what I was interested in and hit the Enter key on my keyboard. I had made perhaps three or four searches, and each time the tools down the left side came up. Later in the evening, they were gone, and I’ve not seen it since.

We release features that slowly open the spigot, looking at load and impact in the cloud. This one revealed an issue that we couldn’t simulate elsewhere, so we adjusted it for a while before closing it off. You’ll notice this on Google (too many to mention), Facebook (going from likes to the other reactions like love, sad, etc…) and Twitter (some folks started getting > 140 characters) from time to time as well, as it’s a common practice to look at new features without an all-or-nothing commitment.


Actually… gmail is about the only Google product I use regularly, and I don’t do Facebook, Twitter and other such social media… so that probably explains why I did not realize what was going on.

Thanks for explaining what it was I had seen.

Found that catalog browser you were asking me if that might have been what I had seen. I’ll have to check that out a little more - just as I’ve never used the advanced search…I’ve never used this catalog browser either.

Thanks =)

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